Grimm–Mark Pelligrino To Guest Star In Season 2

YEAH!!!!  I love mark and what he brings to any role on TV.  This article is from Television Blend.

Mark Pellegrino Set To Guest On NBC’s Grimm In Season 2

published: 2012-06-19 12:49:00
Mark Pellegrino has had his share of dealings with the supernatural, at least in the acting sense. On Lost he played a tinkering ageless man responsible for the epic plane crash of Oceanic Flight 815. On Being Human Pellegrino dealt with supernatural beings from the perspective of vampire Lieutenant Bishop. And on Supernatural he played Lucifer himself. He’s had a lot of dealings with weird science fiction plot points and even more dealings with strange creatures from lore, so it is no surprise he is landing himself in the world of Grimm during Season 2.
Unfortunately, vampires are not big staples of the Grimm Brothers’ fairytales, so Pellegrino won’t get to reprise his Being Human skill set. It’s also a little sad the actor won’t be joining the cast full-time, and is instead set for a guest role. According to TV Line, the oft scruffy-faced actor will play a friend from Hank’s past named Jarold Kempfer. After his daughter goes missing, Kempfer will enlist Hank’s help to find her. Pellegrino will portray yet another supernatural character this time around, and I won’t tell you what it is, except to state that the moon is likely involved in the process.
NBC is getting a bit of head start with the second season of the series, premiering some new shows and a few fan favorites in August, before continuing shows at the traditional late-September release time. The network is likely hoping for some post-Olympic loyalty from viewers and starting shows early is a smart way to try to capitalize on this.
Season 2 of Grimm will air its first episode on Monday, August 13 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

Once Upon A Time Season 2 Spoilers

The anticipation is growing for me for season 2 to premiere in September.  Here is an article about season 2 which does contain spoilers.



19 Jun 2012 03:08 PM  EST

-by Anthony Bell, Contributing Writer; Image: Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan and Lana Parrilla as Regina Mills / The Evil Queen in the Once Upon a Time season finale. (Image Source: ABC)

With the debut of Angelina Jolie’s picture as Disney’s Maleficent, we got to thinking about other Disney fairy tales—and specifically, what’s in store for the second season of ABC’s Once Upon a Time, which premieres this fall.

Plotlines are still under wraps, but E! Online got a hold of some interesting tidbits to keep fans excited for what’s in store for Emma Swan, Regina Mills/The Evil Queen, Henry and all the beloved characters of Storybrooke.

If you don’t like spoilers, then you should probably stop reading here (we’ll also assume you’ve seen the show up until this point—so if not, catch up and come back!)…

First up, it looks like two new characters will be introduced: Anastasia, who “could be mistaken for a spoiled rich girl,” and Magnolia, “a cool badass Asian chick who is an accomplished fighter and rider and might be a little bit magical.” Both parts are being cast right now, but there is no word on their exact roles just yet.

Also, Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma, says there may be some love in her character’s future, as the first season mostly focused on her relationship with son Henry (Jared S. Gilmore).

“[The Huntsman, played by Jamie Dornan] was in the season finale so they’ve established in fairytale land you can still flashback to him existing there, even though he’s not alive in reality,” Morrison explained to Entertainment Weekly.

At the end of season one, Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) also introduced magic into the “real world” of Storybrooke, which changes the story considerably—especially since Emma already broke the curse that drove season one.

“We don’t know if that means the Huntsman can be brought back to life,” Morrison explained. “We don’t know what the rules are going to be now because everything has changed.”

That means that Pinocchio/August W. Booth (Eion Bailey) could also return, especially since his fate was left in question at the end of the season finale—is he alive, or still transformed back into wood?

Either way, season two is set to focus more on Emma’s love life.

“Season one for Emma was really about falling in love with Henry,” she said. “And season two they’re going to explore the idea of her allowing romantic love in her life as well because that’s something she’s never really permitted previously either.”

As for Regina Mills, everyone’s favorite Evil Queen, it’s anyone’s guess. Her secret is out, and the town of Storybrooke now knows of their lives in the fairy tale world—so what’s the next step? Actress Lana Parrilla hopes that we’ll at least see more of the dynamic between Regina and Henry before Emma’s appearance in the town.

“I’d like to see the history of that relationship; how she got Henry, and I’m wondering if there will be flashbacks in Storybrooke next season,” she told E! Online. “I’m anxious to find out, and at the same time I’m patient because every script has always been so great. The anticipation solely comes from a place of me being a fan of the show as well and I want to know what is going to happen, but as the Evil Queen/Regina, I can wait.”

Well, it seems we’ll all have to wait until this fall, when Once Upon a Time returns to ABC’s Sunday night lineup.


Grimm To Pemiere Season 2 In August

Seems like NBC is getting an early start once again this year by premiering it’s new prime time season in August,  Here is an article from TV Blend.


NBC 2012 Fall TV Premiere Schedule Has Grimm Premiering In August, Sneak Previews Of Two Comedies

Author: Kelly West
published: 2012-06-14 14:46:48
NBC 2012 Fall TV Premiere Schedule Has Grimm Premiering In August, Sneak Previews Of Two Comedies image
Thanks to the Olympics, it looks like NBC’s aiming to get a jump-start on the fall season this year. This isn’t exactly surprising news. We’d heard word last month that the Peacock was thinking about doing some early launches of new and returning shows. NBC has released the Fall 2012 primetime premiere schedule and sure enough, those looking forward to the return of Grimm, and getting a peek at Animal Practice and Go On will be pleased to see them on the schedule for early/mid-August.
Given the likelihood of improved ratings for NBC during the Olympics, the network has a real opportunity to point viewers’ attention toward their upcoming programming. So the strategy to roll out a few shows early and give viewers an peek at some of their new comedies seems like a smart one.
The Matthew Perry starring comedy Go On is first on the list, with a sneak peek scheduled to following some of NBC’s Olympic coverage on August 8. Animal Practice will get similar treatment on August 12. But these are just early looks at upcoming series. Both shows will be previewed in August and then make their “official” debuts in September. But the new competition series Stars Earn Stripes will kick off with a two-hour season premiere on August 13. Immediately afterward, Grimm‘s second season will premiere, and it looks like both shows will continue to air each week from there.
And once September arrives, we’ll start to see some of NBC’s other new and returning shows, including The Voice, Parenthood and the JJ Abrams/Eric Kripke created drama Revolution.


Once Upon A Time–Meghan Ory Promoted To Series Regular

Very happy about this.  Here is an article from TV Blend.


Once Upon A Time’s Meghan Ory Will Get To Play Ruby More Often In Season 2

published: 2012-06-14 16:08:14
Once Upon A Time's Meghan Ory Will Get To Play Ruby More Often In Season 2 image
Meghan Ory’s Ruby is one of the more complicated characters occupying Storybrooke on ABC’s Once Upon A Time. She’s constantly looking sweet and sexy on the outside, but mentally she’s more of a pawn, continually being pushed by those around her, although she can be surprisingly forceful on occasion. With all of those personality traits rolling around inside her as well as a big secret to hide, Ruby is one of the most compelling characters on the drama. Apparently, ABC believes so, too, and is going out of its way to keep her.

Despite the success of Once Upon A Time at the network, Deadline is reporting Ory was shopping around when pilot season came about. This was likely due to the fact she was a minor character in Season 1, popping up often but only getting one meaty storyline to fully invest audiences into her character. While Ory began looking for other gigs, the show looked into what else could be done with the Ruby/ Red Riding Hood character. A couple of weeks ago, the network renewed Once Upon A Time for a second season, and now they’ve given Ory a bigger role on the show.

Ory has been upped to a regular character on the series, which means we will get to see much more of her in upcoming episodes. I’ve clearly already stated I am a huge fan, and I think adding yet another diverse and interesting female personality to an already female-dominated cast will just encourage me to watch the ridiculously over-dramatic and magical drama much more often. Bring on the wolves and witches, ABC.

Once Upon A Time–Spoilers For Season 2

So now they start to dribble in for the next season.  Here is the article.



Matt Webb Mitovich from TVLine wrote an article about what we can expect for the second season, with words from Lana Parrilla!

“Uh-oh, it’s magic” is not just a verse from an old Cars song. Those few words also aptly sum up the closing moments of Once Upon a Time‘s season finale, as Mr. Gold né Rumpelstiltskin conjured up a purple smoke that restored the Storybrooke residents’ fantastical identities and will rouse the sleepy burg with an infusion of magic.

And fans of the ABC freshman were not the only ones caught off guard by the game-changing twist.

“There was some talk about the curse being broken, but I didn’t believe it until I read it [in the script], because [series creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis] are tricky that way,” Lana Parrilla recently shared with TVLine. “They don’t really tell you much, but I like that about them!”

Upon seeing the final edit of the finale — with CGI’d smoke flowing out of the well and across the land — Parrilla remarked, “It was awesome…. Unreal.” And almost green à la the ominous cloud that crept across fairytale land when the dark curse was first uncorked. “But at the last minute they changed it to purple, which is more symbolic… a better link to something ‘magical.’”

Of course, the very final image viewers were left with as the smokeslinked through Storybrooke was that of Regina née the Evil Queen’s face – curiosity-slash-concern ultimately overridden by a smirk of satisfaction — as she cast her gaze upon what Rumpel (played by Robert Carlyle) had unleashed.

“She seems somewhat conflicted,” the actress explained. “She’s going through this huge loss with her son [Henry, now effectively Emma’s ward], and yet now there is hope. If she needs magic to get her son back, then so be it.”

But let’s be clear, if magic is now available to Regina, it’s on the table for everyone – her regular impish foil included.

“I’m curious to see what happens between Rumpelstitskin and the Evil Queen…,” Parrilla mused. “I imagine that whatever it is, it is not going to be pretty!”

Once Upon A Time–Season 1 Finale

This was an amazing episode last night.  So much happened that it is hard to remember just what.

It looks lie August is dead.  He turned completely to wood, but I am hoping that perhaps some how he is alive.

Henry was dead until Emma’s kiss saved him

The Huntsman played by Jamie Doran was seen in a scne where he helped Prince Charmin escape.  It was good to see Jamie once again.

Mr. Gold is out of control and once he found out from Belle just what Regina did, he released that purple smoke that enveloped the whole town.  Why?  Who knows exactly and exactly what it will do but Regina looked mighty pleased at the end.

Emma finally believes.  She fought a dragon in hopes of saving Henry a dragon that I am assuming was Maleficent while at the same time in Fairytale land, Prince Charming was doing the same thing.  I loved how they filmed that  So cool.

Phenomenal screen shots and it got to a lot of us who love fairy tales.  What an awesome season finale.


Here is a recap and review from Matt Mitovich.

May 13, 2012 07:28 PM PDT

Once Upon a Time Season Finale Recap: Something Bad Is Coming

Get More: Finales, Recaps, Spoilers

The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from the season finale of Once Upon a Time.

Wasn’t it Huey Lewis who once sang of the power of love? But more on that in a minute.

The first season finale of ABC’s Once Upon a Time — and make no mistake, there will be a Season 2 — was everything the pages of TVLine told you it would be. “Crazy-bananas” (to quote cast member Josh Dallas, who certainly is no Pinocchio). “Severely intense,” as exec producer Eddy Kitsis put it. And yes, it left you, in its final 60 seconds, thinking, “Holy, holy, holy s–t.”

The plotting of the episode was thrilling, tight and danced around no loopholes, addressing the elephant in the room — Henry’s grave state, how he got there and how might he be saved — and then introducing something a lot bigger than an elephant, in another room.

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From the top….

Emma and Regina arrive at the hospital frantic over Henry’s fate, yet Dr. Whale is at a loss to treat the boy knowing not what felled him. And it is while rummaging through Henry’s book bag — and laying hands on the his storybook — that Emma, already ever-so-slightly suspecting that magic is afoot, “flashes” and becomes a believer.

Cue throw-down in the storage closet with Mayor Mills aka the Evil Queen! Magically delicious.

Once that tussle is out of the way and Regina cops to her true identity, the two ladies — sharing an agenda — visit Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin to see if he has access to any magic that could save Henry. As it would turn out, Rumple while back in fairytale land socked something away “for a rainy day”: a flask of “true love” potion, which he encased in a jeweled egg and charged Charming with placing inside the belly of the beast — aka Maleficent’s monstrous alter ego.

Thing is, Maleficent, when the Queen laid down the dark curse, was transported to Storybrooke in that form, and now dwells way, way, way below ground. Emma is the only one who can fetch the egg, and she is lowered via elevator to the cave, where she at first unloads her pistol into the dragon, to no avail. (Had to try, right?) She then decides to make use of the sword provided by Rumplestiltskin — one that belonged to Charming — and hurls it through the air and smack dab into the beast’s soft spot. Biff-bam-kablooey, the critter is defeated, its egg-cellent stash revealed.

Alas, Emma then gets a bit daft and, when the ‘vator stalls near the top of the shaft, lobs the egg to Rumplestiltskin — who promptly flits away with it, having bound and gagged Regina above. But before the ladies can chase the imp, they get pinged by the hospital. Henry didn’t make it. He’s passed on. He’s no more. Dead parrot and all that. However….

In bidding her boy goodbye, Emma plants a kiss on his forehead, and just as with Charming and Snow way back when in a realm far, far away, Henry is revived by true love. Not only that, everyone in Storybrooke realizes their true identities, cuing up a glorious, open-the-tear ducts reunion between Mary Margaret’s Snow and David’s Prince Charming. All is good!

‘Cept something bad is coming….

You see, Jefferson aka Mad Hatter, desperate to be reunited with his daughter, infiltrated the hospital ward where Regina/the Evil Queen keeps her most valuable captives. He found Belle and sent her to Mr. Gold with the message that Regina had locked her away. Rumple was gobsmacked to be reunited with his love, who alas had no recollection of their fairytale romance, but promised that he would protect her, as asked. And to that end, he took the “true love” vial, pinched from Emma, and brought it to the well that August (now back to 100-percent wood, sad) first showed us a few weeks back. And by dropping the flask into the waters below — waters that have the power to restore that which has been lost — Rumple conjured up a cotton candy-like smoke that crept along and then enveloped Storybrooke.

Magic is coming to the Maine burg, Rumple told his visibly worried love, and with magic comes power — something Regina, heretofore sobbing in Henry’s bedroom, seemed to appreciate as she gazed out the window and smirked.

Once fans, what did you think of the Season 1 finale? Quite edge-of-your-seat, crazy-romantic and then haunting, no? What do you think Season 2 will entail, with magic in play in quaint Storybrooke? And are you excited to follow the Snow/Charming story back in fairytale land, as they aim to take back the kingdom, together?