Grimm–Mark Pelligrino To Guest Star In Season 2

YEAH!!!!  I love mark and what he brings to any role on TV.  This article is from Television Blend.

Mark Pellegrino Set To Guest On NBC’s Grimm In Season 2

published: 2012-06-19 12:49:00
Mark Pellegrino has had his share of dealings with the supernatural, at least in the acting sense. On Lost he played a tinkering ageless man responsible for the epic plane crash of Oceanic Flight 815. On Being Human Pellegrino dealt with supernatural beings from the perspective of vampire Lieutenant Bishop. And on Supernatural he played Lucifer himself. He’s had a lot of dealings with weird science fiction plot points and even more dealings with strange creatures from lore, so it is no surprise he is landing himself in the world of Grimm during Season 2.
Unfortunately, vampires are not big staples of the Grimm Brothers’ fairytales, so Pellegrino won’t get to reprise his Being Human skill set. It’s also a little sad the actor won’t be joining the cast full-time, and is instead set for a guest role. According to TV Line, the oft scruffy-faced actor will play a friend from Hank’s past named Jarold Kempfer. After his daughter goes missing, Kempfer will enlist Hank’s help to find her. Pellegrino will portray yet another supernatural character this time around, and I won’t tell you what it is, except to state that the moon is likely involved in the process.
NBC is getting a bit of head start with the second season of the series, premiering some new shows and a few fan favorites in August, before continuing shows at the traditional late-September release time. The network is likely hoping for some post-Olympic loyalty from viewers and starting shows early is a smart way to try to capitalize on this.
Season 2 of Grimm will air its first episode on Monday, August 13 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

Grimm To Pemiere Season 2 In August

Seems like NBC is getting an early start once again this year by premiering it’s new prime time season in August,  Here is an article from TV Blend.


NBC 2012 Fall TV Premiere Schedule Has Grimm Premiering In August, Sneak Previews Of Two Comedies

Author: Kelly West
published: 2012-06-14 14:46:48
NBC 2012 Fall TV Premiere Schedule Has Grimm Premiering In August, Sneak Previews Of Two Comedies image
Thanks to the Olympics, it looks like NBC’s aiming to get a jump-start on the fall season this year. This isn’t exactly surprising news. We’d heard word last month that the Peacock was thinking about doing some early launches of new and returning shows. NBC has released the Fall 2012 primetime premiere schedule and sure enough, those looking forward to the return of Grimm, and getting a peek at Animal Practice and Go On will be pleased to see them on the schedule for early/mid-August.
Given the likelihood of improved ratings for NBC during the Olympics, the network has a real opportunity to point viewers’ attention toward their upcoming programming. So the strategy to roll out a few shows early and give viewers an peek at some of their new comedies seems like a smart one.
The Matthew Perry starring comedy Go On is first on the list, with a sneak peek scheduled to following some of NBC’s Olympic coverage on August 8. Animal Practice will get similar treatment on August 12. But these are just early looks at upcoming series. Both shows will be previewed in August and then make their “official” debuts in September. But the new competition series Stars Earn Stripes will kick off with a two-hour season premiere on August 13. Immediately afterward, Grimm‘s second season will premiere, and it looks like both shows will continue to air each week from there.
And once September arrives, we’ll start to see some of NBC’s other new and returning shows, including The Voice, Parenthood and the JJ Abrams/Eric Kripke created drama Revolution.


Grimm–Casting News

This is great news and I think it’s the right decision.  Here is the article from TV Line.

APRIL 17, 2012 05:26 AM PDT

Exclusive: Grimm Bumps Bree Turner to Regular

Get More: Casting NewsExclusive

Grimm Bree TurnerIt seems that NBC likes its Grimm foxy: Bree Turner, who plays spice shop proprietress and Fuchsbau Rosalee, has been bumped from recurring guest star to series regular, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Season Finale Spoilers: Scoop on 52 Big Finishes — Including Grimm!

Turner’s promotion — which goes into effect at the start of the show’s just-ordered second season — should give Grimm ample time to explore her character’s backstory, including her past as a drug addict and the fact that she comes from a family of foxlike creatures known for their sly nature. Rosalee first appeared in the “Island of Dreams” episode, when her brother, Freddy, was killed, leaving behind the lucrative-yet-shady spice shop she now runs.

Later this year, you’ll be able to see Turner — sans foxface — act alongside The Client List’s Jennifer Love Hewitt in the film adaptation of the stage comedy Jewtopia.

Grimm–My Comments On This Week’s Episode

What an exciting, non stop action episode this was.

I loved it when Nick and Adaline were fighting and he made her bite his lip.  Got ya!  She now has no powers!  That made me very happy.  She was a bitch in every sense of the word.

My biggest confusion in this series is Captain Renard.  Is he a good guy or bad guy.  My instincts are telling me he is a good guy.  He protects Nick in some weird way.  But what is he all about  That I am dying to know.

Poor officer Wu.  He was eating everything in sight and it almost cost him his life.

As much as i don’t really care for the character of Hank, I was glad to see that he was going to be okay.  Hank is about as interesting as watching paint dry.

And now comes the big question.  Just what powers does Nick have?  I am sure they will touch on this in the season finale.

Here are the screen caps that I made.  Please credit me if using any and take whatever you like.



Grimm Casting News

All I can say between Grimm and Once Upon A Time, the actors from Lost are certainly getting around.  Here is the article.

Lost’s Titus Welliver To Guest Star On NBC’s Grimm

Author: Kelly West
published: 2011-12-05 17:35:36
Lost's Titus Welliver To Guest Star On NBC's Grimm image

Daniel Roebuck isn’t the only former Lost cast member set to make an appearance on NBC’s Grimm. Titus Welliver a.k.(to Lost fans)a. the Man in Black, will also be playing a role in the series, though from the sound of it, gold may be his color of choice. In case you have Once Upon A Time on the brain, that isn’t a Midas reference.

TVLine got the exclusive on the news that Welliver, who also had a recurring role on Sons of Anarchy and is set to appear in CSI soon, will be playing Farley Holt in NBC’s supernatural procedural Grimm. Mr. Holt is described as a creature with the ability to morph into a steinadler, which according to google, is a golden eagle. Whether or not he’s a bad guy remains to be seen. We know from the reformed big-bad-wolf Monroe that not all of the creatures frequently hunted by Nick and the other Grimms are living an evil lifestyle.

Gold doesn’t just refer to the bird, either. TVLine says Welliver’s character will explain to Nick “the history behind a cache of gold coins that seem to exert an uncanny hold over whoever takes possession of them.” (The precious!)

Fellow Lost cast member Daniel Roebuck is also set to appear in Grimm, playing an arson detective who’s looking into a bunch of fires that may be linked to Monroe. Not good!


Grimm—Synopsis On The Next Two Episodes

I cannot wait for these and thanks to Dread Central for the following information.



The Woman In Black's picture

November 29th, 2011

We still have a little over a week to wait until the next episode of “Grimm” airs on NBC, but as a reward for our patience the network will be showing two eps in a row on Thursday, December 8th, and Friday, December 9th, entitled “Danse Macabre” and “The Three Bad Wolves”, respectively. Read on for brief synopses of each.

“Danse Macabre” Synopsis (Airing 12/8/11):
A beloved high school music teacher’s body is destroyed by rats.

“The Three Bad Wolves” Synopsis (Airing 12/9/11):
Nick and Hank investigate the explosion of a Blutbad’s home, which exposes a longstanding family feud that brings Monroe face-to-face with characters from his troubled past. While Monroe wrestles with restraining his wild side, it’s up to Nick to keep everything from going up in flames.

Inspired by Grimm’s fairy tales, “Grimm” follows Portland homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt, played by David Giuntoli, as he battles supernatural forces. Bitsie Tulloch portrays his fiancée, Juliette Silverton, with Russell Hornsby as his partner, Hank Griffin, and Silas Weir Mitchell as his confidant, Monroe. Reggie Lee and Sasha Roiz co-star. It is produced by Universal Television with Hazy Mills Prods. and GK Prods. Sean Hayes, Todd Milliner, David Greenwalt, Jim Kouf, Naren Shankar, and Norberto Barba are executive producers.

NBC's Grimm