Once Upon A Time–“An Apple Red As Blood”

This episode  laid the groundwork for the season 1 finale which will air on 5/13.  It was a fantastic episode and had a surprise ending that I didn’t even think about let alone see coming.

In Regina’s ever on going plan to destroy Mary Margaret/Snow and Emma, she may have destroyed the one person alive that she loves and that is her son Henry.  In an attempt to poison and kill Emma, she baked Emma an apple turnover and gave it to her as a going away gift.  Emma had made up her mind that the best thing for everybody was for her to leave Storybrooke but Henry was having no part of this.  When he found out that Regina had given Emma that apple turnover made from the infamous poison apple that she had once given to Snow White, Henry wanted to prove once and for all that what he had been trying to tell Emma all along, that the curse and everything he had said was true.  He took a bite from the turnover and collapsed on the floor.

I have no idea what will happen in the season finale and how Henry will survive all of this.  I think Regina will play a big part in Henry’s survival.  Maybe for just one time she will do the right thing.

Here is a slideshow i made from my screen caps.  Enjoy.


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Once Upon A Time–“The Stranger”

Well we all got to learn who exactly August is–he is Pinocchio form Fairytale land.  I called this after seeing the episode where we all thought he was Mr. Gold’s son.  Problem is August is dying unless he and Henry can convince Emma that everything that they have been telling her about Fairytale land is the truth.  Pinocchio was sent to this world to look after Emma but the trouble is he hasn’t been doing such a good job until recently.  Events split the tow up when Emma was still an infant and I hope it’s not too late for August.

Some nice moments at the end between Geppetto and August.  I am wondering how long before everybody in Storybrooke will find out exactly who they are?  It should make for some great episodes.

Regina will never stop conniving and plotting to have things her way but David shut her right down and she was none to happy.  Good!  She gives evil a whole new name.

Great episode with some interesting twists.  Here are some screen caps I made fro this episode.

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Fantastic episode and I am more than happy that August is Pinocchio and I think this will make for some fantastic episode later on.


ABC’s Once Upon a Time this Sunday threatened to take a major step in the direction of foiling the Evil Queen’s master plan and freeing the fairytale characters from their soggy little Storybrooke existence… and yet Emma still refuses to believe.

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Make no mistake, August did his darnedest to show the sexy sheriff the light — and even got an assist from Mr. Gold in doing so. (How enjoyable are the scenes where two people “in the know” get to freely talk about it?) But even upon taking Emma to the site of her abandonment as a baby and producing proof that it was he who found her all those years ago, he came up empty. Not helping matters was the fact that when he went to play his stump trump card by revealing his wooden leg, Emma’s stubbornness refused…

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