Grimm–My Comments On This Week’s Episode

What an exciting, non stop action episode this was.

I loved it when Nick and Adaline were fighting and he made her bite his lip.  Got ya!  She now has no powers!  That made me very happy.  She was a bitch in every sense of the word.

My biggest confusion in this series is Captain Renard.  Is he a good guy or bad guy.  My instincts are telling me he is a good guy.  He protects Nick in some weird way.  But what is he all about  That I am dying to know.

Poor officer Wu.  He was eating everything in sight and it almost cost him his life.

As much as i don’t really care for the character of Hank, I was glad to see that he was going to be okay.  Hank is about as interesting as watching paint dry.

And now comes the big question.  Just what powers does Nick have?  I am sure they will touch on this in the season finale.

Here are the screen caps that I made.  Please credit me if using any and take whatever you like.




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