Once Upon A Time 4/1/2012 “The Stable Boy”

This was IMHO, one of the best episodes from this series.  The long waited question of just what Snow White did to Regina was answered finally.  Even though it was Regina’s mother who orchestrated the entire thing.  Snow was a child and I hope that Regina will learn exactly what went down.

I felt bad for Regina seeing her love killed like that right in front of her eyes.  She was a likeable character until his death,  I don’t know who is more evil her or her mother.  Barbara Hershey was divine as her mother and killed the part.  I will be looking forward to seeing more of her.  She was really diabolical.  I really thought for a minute that she was going to accept Regina’s decision and give them her blessing.  Boy was I wrong.  She killed the stable boy without a second thought.  So nonchalant, so purely evil.

I was floored when I saw Katherine show up in the back of Granny’s restaurant.  Now this puts a whole new spin on things and once again Regina’s plan is foiled.  I would like to know who is behind all of that.  Could it be August?  And who is he anyway?  If he did do it it seems he has an agenda with Regina. 


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