Another New Face Enters Once Upon A Time

He is really great looking but more than that, I want to see how he fits into Storybrooke and Fairytale Land.

Here is the article.


Once Upon a Time gets Fairyland Help

By Brody Gibson on February 9, 2012

Nikita CW

Because the world of Once Upon a Time can never have enough handsome men, the ABC series searched for the best possible candidate to play a simple stable boy. That’s what I love about fairy tales. You can be a poopsmith and you’d still have the looks of royalty. It’s a great way to see the world. Once Upon a Time is escapism at its finest and it is not at all ashamed of that. Having attractive men is a point of pride with fairy tale shows!


According to TVLine, the handsome man in question is Noah Bean, perhaps best known for his recurring role as the former CIA agent and presumed dead Ryan on the CW’s Nikita. On Once Upon a Time he’ll play the good-looking stable boy as previously mentioned. If his facial features weren’t enough to turn heads, it turns out the guy is also a big romantic, believing in the power of love making anything possible. I would love to see that played out literally. Like what if our stable boy here loved a girl so much that he could demolish kingdoms with a mere thought. Is love that powerful? Is it like magic, but way more extreme because it comes from within? Am I over thinking this? Yes.

Our lovely stable boy does his job in the royal manor, though which royalty he serves was left out. He could serve Snow White’s father, Prince Charming, King Midas, or whatever prince Cinderella married. There are too many royal families! Why aren’t they all at war?


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